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Now choose size and material: Magnet Material, Perforated Window Vinyl, Refletive And Static Kling

Welcome to M.C.Graphic Decals Inc.

M.C.Graphic Decals Inc.

Thanks for your interest in M.C.Graphic Decals Inc. My name is Sgt Ron Strawser. I am a 7 year Marine that served with 2/8, 2/6 and deployed to Gulf War I with Anti-Tank TOW Missile Company, 8th Tanks to liberate Kuwait in Desert Storm. I have one Marine brother that served four years in Quantico training Officers. My other brother served eight in the early 80's and witnessed the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut in '83. My Uncle served in the Marines as an Aviator in WWII and flew air support for MacArthur during the Phillipines' Campain. I now have a nephew that recently joined to carry on. My best friend is an 101st Airborne Ranger and we have built this website so that Veterans and Patriots like ourselves can show the pride for our country and our service for it. We continue to expand our inventory, so come back regularly. You can contact us at . We are located at: M.C. Graphic Decals Inc., 17816 70th St N, Loxahacthee,, FL

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